Create your first Laravel app in 3 step

Awang Trisakti
3 min readNov 1, 2021


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Laravel is a free open source php framework created by Taylor Otwell. Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks because it has many features that will simplify and speed up the development process. In this, I will share about how to create Laravel app in these 3 step (windows):

Step 1

In this, I use Laragon for the local server or please feel free if you want use the others like xampp or wampp. Go to laragon site and download laragon.

Download laragon

I recommend to use the full version instead of the portable version. After completion of download you can run the installer and install as usual.

Install laragon

Step 2

After completion of installation you can open the Laragon, and press the start all button to run your local server.

Start laragon

You can close laragon and find it on your hidden system tray icons

Step 3

Right click on laragon icon and choose Quick App then click Laravel.

Create Laravel App
Insert App Name

After pressing the Ok button it will create your Laravel app. Wait till the process is finished. Make sure you connected to the internet because installation require internet connection.

After installation finished it will created your App folder in laragon_path_folder/www.

Installation complete
Installation folder

And now you can run your Laravel app using pretty url or you can write command php artisan serve on after app installation command prompt.

Using pretty url
Using php artisan serve

Thanks for reading my post, I will share the next post about to setup and create views on Laravel, see ya.



Awang Trisakti